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Mental Health Monday 💚

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and sometimes we all need a reminder. Whether that reminder be why you are working so hard, why you are trying to stay sober, or sometimes even just WHY; the answer is simply because the world is a better place with you in it. Even if you have convinced yourself it isn’t, even if someone has convinced you that you aren’t worthy, someone in this world needs you here.

Your interaction with a person could change their life, so thank you for staying. Thank you for continuing to fight even when you feel like you can’t fight anymore.

For the remainder of May, every order placed will be gifted a small journal with a handwritten affirmation inside. You are L O V E D , you are E N O U G H , and you are W O R T H Y . All mental health shirts are on sale until May 31st for $10. 💚

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